Dr.Blackman's: Deep-six Covid 19 V-killer Formula

Pre-Order Dr. Blackman's   Deep-Six Covid 19 V-Killer Formula/Stress Reducer

lighter body, brighter mind

New Gym Lab

Dr. Blackman shows you how  to, in these trying times, "Convert Stress to Power": and simply  and easily achieve a "Lighter Body, Brighter Mind", in the safety of your own home or workplace.


Dr. Blackman's Deep-Six Covid 19 V-Killer Formula

30 Veggie Caps 1 Months Supply

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New Gym Lab is offering the Restobics PB & E Chair/Platform  on

With the purchase of the Restobics PB & E chair/Platform is a  FREE  membership for the first 90 days,   which includes  personalized instructions by Dr. Blackman as well as a FREE 3 months  supply of Dr. Blackman's Deep-Six  Covid 19 V-Killer/Stress Reducer.

Dr. Blackman's "New Gym Lab"

 The race against time, has literally come to a screeching halt! The slow down is inching toward a possible meltdown and gradually wearing you out!  What we thought was "normal, safe and predictable, no longer exists. 

Now that we're "outside the box" and in a way, "off-grid", there is now a solution, for the crisis, we now all face and that is,  New Gym Lab, Lighter Body, Brighter Mind. 

Throw out the treadmill. Stop! Put the brakes on spinning.

The 7th dimension and the Restobicss Platform bring Healing and Self-Empowerment

Lighter Body, Brighter Mind

The Restobics PB & E Chair/Platform was designed and built by Dr. Blackman. It is handmade, right here in the USA. What a perfect fit for the times we're in! Right in the safety and or comfort of your own home or even in the workplace, learn how to do "Restobics, The Exercise of Play", when purchasing the "Restobics, PB & E Chair/Platform". With the purchase you get a 90 days FREE membership, including a 90 days FREE supply of Dr. Blackman's Anti-Virus DNA Inhibitor: Stress Reducer; Lighter Body, Brighter Mind


Drop it. Tune In. Turn on.

   We are facing drastic times, so we must take drastic measures to ensure our health and well-being. Dr. Blackman's NEW GYM LAB, brings to you a pathway to healing, helping you to make those, "drastic changes", in your life. He shows you how to, "DROP IT. TUNE IN. TURN ON", a simple and easy method of self-help and self-empowerment. Dr. Blackman makes NEW GYM LAB your own, in the safety and comfort of your own home or workplace. In NEW GYM LAB, you learn how to, meet those challenges head on; "Drop It. Tune In. Turn On. 

“Normal” as we once knew it, meant we followed certain guidelines, stayed within the confines of a societal rule book. There was a very definite right and a most definite wrong. Black is black and white is unequivocally white. Now, that safe and predictable gridlock has been invaded by something very alien to our belief systems. It barricades us into devolved isolation. Nothing really changes. Everything on the surface remains the same peripheral landscape. There is a way out of this immutable inertia and that is; “Drop it. Tune in Turn on”. Dr. Blackman’s pathway to self-empowerment and healing teachings, are both intriguing and irrepressible: DROP IT. TUNE IN. TURN ON.


Dr. Blackman's Book, "The  Post-Apocalyptic Playbook;: Orange Julius Gone Viral

El Presidente “Crooked Don” Don T-Rump is not only building a wall along the northern border with Canadastan, he is also building a wall along the southern border with Mexiraq. Filing an eminent domain claim, he is claiming his ownership of the lands on the southern end of Spamerica (once known as Manhattan). Having already forced the Manhattoes (original natives of the island), to give up their land at the southern end of Spamerica and be moved to the northern tip of the island, which has become a shanty town, called Albya, recently struck by a 9.5 earthquake and a tsunami

The two unsung heroes, who came out of nowhere, have taken up residency at the southern end of Spamerica, where the twin towers once stood. They have planted ‘non’ seeds, which somehow, miraculously have been able,  to grow what appears to be a rain forest.

 They champion  the Manhattoes cause , filing a counter suit in federal court.  They not only represent the native people, but also the wildlife, who live in waters surrounding Spamerica (called “seaturtlenation). By taking on El Presidente “Crooked Don” Don T-Rump,  challenge him and his accomplices,  charged with being  in direct violation of the constitution


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The Restobics, 7th Dimension, Well-Fit Program

New Gym Lab  TM, Show you how to breakdown walls and build bridges, a multi-dimensional kaleidoscopic journey into startling color, thought provoking sound and a relentless pursuit of invincible love