the antidote: The Wall of regurge:

"impeach the leech!"


Redefining  Rock  'n  Roll, " WAR IS A CRIME",  by DR. BLACKMAN, is the anthem of the new millennium.

Crooked Don's Impeachment Ode

Rock n Rolls New Millennium, Crooked Don's Impeachment Ode, 

presenting  satirically cutting edge dirge, to the  "Liar King AKA Crooked Don",

How to Heal America?


Dr. Blackman, a holistic doctor of chiropractic, has  founded "preemptive medicine (before the event happens)". And according to Dr. Blackman, you do that by "converting stress to power".  

"Truth to power" is what can level the playing field and brings in an inviolable, indestructible calm. Dr. Blackman's methodology helps heal the ravages of unrest and exhaustion, divisiveness and distrust. Dr. Blackman's book, "The Antidote: To The T=Rump Show", is written in a way to empower and help heal the subversive disharmony and dis-ease, infecting body, mind and spirit. The healing Dr. Blackman's ascribes to is profound and undeniable.


Convert Stress to Power

Dr. Blackman has discovered a formula which can only improve our well-being and the well-being of the planet; " Convert Stress to Power", began in 1980 when he first began treating combat vets for  PTSD (he set up the first holistic  treatment program in the country in San Francisco, CA). Fast forward to today, PTSD  has crossed over into corporate America and our society as a whole. Doctor Blackman's remedy/panacea comes from 35 years of research, study and treating thousands of people afflicted with PTSD. It has become the insidious cancer of today. 


 The Antidote: To The T-Rump Show 

by Doctor Blackman

El Presidente “Crooked Don” Don T-Rump is not only building a wall along the northern border with Canadastan, he is also building a wall along the southern border with Mexiraq. Filing an eminent domain claim, he is claiming his ownership of the lands on the southern end of Spamerica (once known as Manhattan). Having already forced the Manhattoes (original natives of the island), to give up their land at the southern end of Spamerica and be moved to the northern tip of the island, which has become a shanty town, called Albya, recently struck by a 9.5 earthquake and a tsunami

The two unsung heroes, who came out of nowhere, have taken up residency at the southern end of Spamerica, where the twin towers once stood. They have planted ‘non’ seeds, which somehow, miraculously have been able,  to grow what appears to be a rain forest.

  They champion  the Manhattoes cause , filing a counter suit in federal court.  They not only represent the native people, but also the wildlife, who live in waters surrounding Spamerica (called “seaturtlenation). By taking on El Presidente “Crooked Don” Don T-Rump,  challenge him and his accomplices,  charged with being  in direct violation of the constitution.


Drop it. Tune In. Turn on.

Can we get out of our own way??tripping over ourselves, rushing off to another appointment, overbooked and over scheduled,  overuse wearing us out by the second, busied out entropy, 

burnt out , running on fumes. To the rescue, Dr. Blackman and his new millennial   amazing NEW GYM, treatment program: Drop it.. Tune in. Turn on. "Truth to Power!"



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The Antidote: To The T-Rump Show by Dr. Blackman

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